Behind the Scenes with Patrick Odom, CPA

Nashville, TN for family wedding.

1. What year did you join JNR?  2012 full time (intern in 2011.)

2. Where did you go to college? Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Master of Science in Accountancy from the College of Charleston.

3. Why did you choose Jarrard, Nowell & Russell? Opportunity and Firm Culture. I wanted to work at a firm where I had the opportunity to work in different areas (tax and advisory), but also be in direct communication with clients across various industries. JNR is like a family and we have been able to keep that family culture despite our growth since I started with the firm. 

4. What is your specialty at JNR and how do you go above and beyond to serve your clients? My specialties are small business tax, outsourced accounting/CFO services, and advisory (business valuation and forensic accounting). The greatest satisfaction I receive is when we help small businesses save money on their taxes and understand their business performance. I meet with clients regularly to discuss their monthly accounting and financial reports in a way that they can understand and is helpful to them to make those key financial and business decisions. I think that is why I enjoy our work so much – because we are directly helping people with their financial questions and business needs. 

4. What do you enjoy most about living in Charleston? Living near the water and beaches; historical homes and beautiful architecture.

5. What book or movie do you recommend to others and why? The last book that our management team read as a group was Mike Veeck’s “Fun is Good”. It was all about putting the fun back in the workplace, which is important especially during tax season!     

6. What interesting fact would you most like your readers to know about you? I am a dad of three beautiful children all under the age of 4!