One Reason to File Your 2023 Tax Return Early

The 2023 individual income tax return filing season opened on January 29th. If you typically don’t file until much closer to the April 15 deadline (or you file for an extension), consider filing earlier this year. Why? You may be able to protect yourself from tax identity theft.

In a tax identity theft scheme, a thief uses your personal information to file a fraudulent tax return early in the filing season and claim a bogus refund. Then when you file your return, you’ll hear from the IRS that the return is being rejected because someone has already filed a return with the same Social Security number. 

While you should ultimately be able to prove that your return is the legitimate one, tax identity theft can be difficult to straighten out and can significantly delay a refund. Filing early may be your best defense: If you file first, it will be the tax return filed by a potential thief that will be rejected, not yours.

If you have questions or would like an appointment to prepare your return and ensure you take advantage of all of the breaks available to you, please contact the office.